Accurate Plans and Topographical Information (3 x document)



Are the plans sufficient to fully assess the development proposals? Have they identified the site and the extent of changes to the building or topography from a fixed point off-site? Have the plans got scale bars and accurate dimensions? Ensure the plans fully identify the extent of building alterations and topographical changes to ensure the full extent of the development proposals are known.

Refer to documentation POS 2.0.1 to have an understanding of the information that should be submitted to fully assess applications. Found errors then reference these maladministration case POS 2.0.2 (Dimensions) and POS 2.0.3 (Site Levels).


POS 2.1.1 [Planning Information required to be submitted (Plans and Drawings)]

POS 2.1.2 [Maladministration Case (Dimensions, Scale on Plans)]

POS 2.1.3 [Maladministration Case (Inaccurate Plans, property not shown)]

POS 2.1.4 [Maladministration Case (Finished floor level inaccuracies]


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