Access Pre-application Correspondence (2 x documents)



Prior to the submission of planning applications, most planning authorities offer a pre-application planning service. This usually highlights the applicable development plan policies and supplementary planning guidance that will be applicable in the assessment of the development. It should also highlight potential development constraints and confirm the extent of plans as well as planning supporting information that will likely be required in the assessment of a planning application. It may also recommend changes to the applicant to improve the development.

Have there been pre-application discussions between the applicant and the Council? The majority of the time this information should be made available from the Council so you can review it unless there is confidential or commercially sensitive information.

It is worthwhile accessing this information as it can assist with the preparation of your planning application objection. Having problems accessing the pre-planning application correspondence?  Use our e-mail template POS 1.1.1 to increase chances of access along with document POS 1.1.2.


POS 1.1.1 [POS Preapp-access e-mail template]

POS 1.1.2 [Information Commissioner Decision]


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