Free Planning Objection Guide Scotland.

Our Quick Tips ‘Crib Sheet’

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How to object to a planning application in Scotland?

Our quick tips crib sheet will assist the preparation of your own planning objection letter. It will guide you through the planning application form, planning drawings and the supporting planning documentation (or lack of it). It should assist in spotting some of the common mistakes made by an applicant/agent when they fill out a planning application form and prepare planning drawings. There is also some general advice on how to object to a planning application and setting out your planning objection letter.

The crib sheet also guides you to our standard paragraphs and the planning documentation that we utilise in our planning professional objection letters and planning representations. Looking to increase your chances of successfully opposing a planning permission then make use of our planning objection document library.

The ‘Crib Sheet’ isn’t a substitute for professional advice or a professional planning objection letter. However, it should ensure that a competent application has been submitted thus avoiding some of the avoidable planning enforcement headaches and issues if an approval is obtained. Some of the planning wrangles that occur are documented in the complaint section of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman’s website.

Don’t have the time or confidence?

Objecting to planning and building work in Scotland can be a daunting task and to get to grips with the Scottish Planning can take a long time…

While our Free Planning Objection Guide for Scotland is a useful tool if you require professional assistance we can undertake an initial appraisal and prepare a fee quote for writing a professional objection letter. Our work can also be undertaken on a phased basis to keep costs down.

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