Planning Enforcement & Breach Of Planning Control Letters

The majority of people adhere to the requirements of the statutory planning system, they get the necessary planning permissions before starting work on any development, proceed in accordance with approved plans and any conditional control.


However, not all developments go to plan and unauthorised development does occur.


Enforcement action is discretionary and the Council may determine that such action is not expedient in the public interest.


Maximise your chances of enforcement action being taken with a crafted strategy and letter focusing on the salient facts to increase your chances of a satisfactory resolution occurring.



Our fee structure associated with potential Breach’s in Planning Control reflect the variance between the Planning Application Hierarchy categories.

Planning Objections Scotland always issue terms of engagement for your agreement before proceeding with any fee-related work (as required by the RICS and the RTPI). All our personal quotes are fixed and there are no extra or hidden costs:-

  • Householder Local Applications – From £290
  • Non-Householder Local Applications and development not subject to Environmental Impact Assessment – From £490
  • Major Applications, National Applications and development subject to Environmental Impact Assessment – From £890

Fixed fee price is determined on the scale of the proposal, the number of planning issues, whether we were involved in the compilation of a Planning Objection /Representation Letter and the number of parties represented in the Breach of Planning Control Letter.