Planning Objections Scotland provides targeted planning and surveying advice to homeowners and businesses looking to object or make representation on planning applications or planning issues.We’re here to protect your amenity and property.

Planning Application Objection / Representation Letters
Targeted planning advice on applications to protect your interests. We look to get applications refused, withdrawn or improved. We also provide advice on conditional control that should be applied to protect your interests in the future build-out and operation of the development, thus maximising your chances of enforcement action if something does go wrong.
Your Free Guide – The Planning Objections Scotland ‘Crib Sheet’
For those looking to create their own objection or representation letters we offer a free crib sheet.
The Document Library
Want to reinforce your own DIY objection and representation letter then access the document library to strengthen your case with some of the documents that are utilised in our professional representation letters for a small fee per downloaded document.
Breach of Planning Control Letters
Not all developments go to plan and unauthorised development does occur. Maximise your chances of enforcement action being taken with a carefully crafted strategy and letter focusing on the salient facts to increase your chances of a satisfactory resolution occurring.